’t Belhameltje is a toy library. A toy library is like a library, but for toys. Perfect for children, as they love exploring and trying out new things. Discovering materials is one of the ways they learn.

How It Works: Visit during opening hours and select the toys you like, or check the catalog beforehand for what you want to borrow. Toys are categorized both in the online catalog and in the toy library itself. Feel free to ask us for help in selecting toys. We’re happy to inform you about which toys suit your child’s developmental stage.

Our toys are mainly aimed at children aged 0 to 8 years.

You borrow the toys for four weeks. Returning them earlier is always allowed. If you want to keep the toys longer, you can extend for two weeks. There are no costs for lending, extending and reserving; these are all included in the subscription.

How to subscribe: Come by during opening hours! You can then sign up and borrow toys right away. Or you can sign in via this website.

Costs: A subscription costs €37.50 per year. The subscription year runs a full calendar year from the moment of registration. After a subscription year, it can be renewed by paying the annual subscription fee.

If you have a U-pass, showing it gives you a €20 discount on the annual subscription fee. Your subscription then costs only €17.50 per year. This amount can be paid from your U-pass credit.

Trial Subscription: Want to try if the toy library is for you? Opt for a trial subscription. The lending rules are the same. A trial subscription costs only €10.00 and lasts for three months.

Late or Incomplete/Damaged: If toys are returned late, we charge a fine of €0.10 per day per item.

If toys are returned damaged or incomplete, we may charge a fine. The amount of this fine depends on the toy and the extent of damage/incompleteness.

View Toys: Link to Toy Library Catalog

In the online catalog, you can view, reserve, and extend toys. If you need help or encounter problems, let us know.

We would like to update the system. Would you like to help? Sign up as a volunteer!